Stewart Eastham is back in Los Angeles for one night only!  Rockin’ with a full band performi...

About Stewart

A new breed of Americana from Nashville.


With his unique brand of Americana music that combines rock and with synthesizers, a horror film soundtrack vibe, folk, country, and soul, Stewart Eastham delivers his third album as solo artist. The Great Silence is the follow-up to 2016’s Dancers In The Mansion.


Stewart Eastham takes his music in bold new directions with his third full length solo album The Great Silence.  His first solo album (The Man I Once Was) painted a portrait of a man in turmoil and his second (Dancers In The Mansion) took on a more celebratory tone.  His new release The Great Silence takes on the more metaphysical realm exploring grand themes of life, death, and rebirth.  While it’s not technically a “concept” album, it feels like one with its repeating themes and motifs.

``Flying through space and time...``


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