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Check out the trailer for the new album: "The Man I Once Was."

"The debut announces the rise of a knockout songwriter with a commanding, yearning voice, dirt under his fingernails, a sensitive, scorched heart, and an ear for turning personal statements into feats of storytelling with considerable gravity and lasting beauty."
-- No Depression

Crawl Up In Your Bottle

Fourth official music video from "The Man I Once Was".

My Favorite Thing

Third official music video from "The Man I Once Was".

Let It Go

Second official music video from "The Man I Once Was".

Across The Sea

First official music video from "The Man I Once Was".

The Man I Once Was

"With his declaration that “I’m still livin’ the dream/Still out here fightin’ the good fight,” Stewart Eastham emphasizes the underlying shred of grace present in the compositions on his great new record The Man I Once Was."
-- Goodnight Hestia


The Man I Once Was

"Eastham’s terrific, engaging song-writing shines across the length of this solo album, already leaving ‘The Man I Once Was’ standing above much of the competition."
-- PopcultureZ


Purchase "The Man I Once Was" CD with full lyric booklet on BandCamp!

The Man I Once Was

Stewart's first official solo album now available! This album features a set of songs written after his move to Nashville. This album honors traditional old school country music, while adding a modern twist.

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My Favorite Thing

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